A small team
trying to make a difference.

A note from Rich: For almost 25 years, I’ve visited enterprises (i.e. big companies with very complicated things going on) and observed the software they use to get work done. And it’s never very good.

Software—especially at work—is complicated, serving more as a tribute to legacy process rather than a new way to working. But it’s the same problems over and over again. That’s why experts exist. Because this overly complex world needs experts to help you make sense of it. Aboard is our direct attack on the root cause of bad software: complexity. Trust me: Companies don’t need all that complicated software. And you don’t need to feel like your information is always beyond your control.

This is a journey and we’re happy you’ve come along. We’d love to hear how you’re using it and how we can make it better .

A note from Paul: People will tell you that code and software and apps are where it’s at. But I disagree! Rich and I worked for dozens of companies, big and small, day and night, and every year I believe more and more that what really matters is…data. Data is the knowledge inside of an organization. It’s the real lifeblood of any company. Lists of subscribers. Lists of vendors. Lists of potential customers.

That’s why we set out to build a tool that made it easy to manage any kind of data—in a way that feels natural and social to anyone.

Aboard isn’t just for managing projects, tasks, or people. It can help people manage anything, from a podcast studio to a book club. I’d love to hear how you’re using it, and if we can ever help, let us know.