Who Says There’s no Such Thing as a Free Launch?

By Paul Ford

Happy dancing people in illustration

It’s a long road to develop and launch a new software product. That’s why it was so important to throw a party and announce Aboard to the world, which we did on October 28th. A few select shots below….

Our deck emphasized our #1 feature: Fewer features.

We’re New Yorkers, and New Yorkers take their events very seriously. So we booked a nice space near Union Square, got a great caterer, and let the world know. Of course planning a post-pandemic party is tricky: People aren’t working in Manhattan any more, and gatherings just don’t happen as often as they used to. So we cast a wide net and expected a few folks to show up.

Ultimately we had to put children to work

But they just kept coming and coming and coming. It turns out we are not the only people who need to leave the house sometimes. Folks from all over the software industry stopped by. Some from as far away as…Canada. Also Beirut. Which makes sense. We’re building a product for everyone in the world.

We put children to work (the caterer was understaffed for the true turnout)

Our poor caterers, of course, didn’t expect 200 people. So they had to be a little extra flexible. They needed help. They spied our children. Problem solved. Actually two problems—kids are little bored at software launches. They ran meatballs and rice balls and various other good foods from kitchen to table and back, as fast as they could.

We gathered as a team in the same place for the first time (although our Lebanon team is off-camera, in Beirut).

Old and new friends appeared steadily. We made more lunch plans than we could count (if we owe you an email please get in touch!) We showcased the product for 15 minutes, Rich showed a ridiculous 80s-style video he’d made, and we had to shoo people out by the end.