Meet the Browser Plugin

Paul Ford

Okay you did it. You signed up. Thank you! Aboard is a pretty deep platform with a lot of powers, but if there’s one thing that makes it REALLY powerful, it’s the browser plugin.

The Aboard Browser Plugin (Chrome and Edge, Safari and Firefox soon) is like a rocket-powered bookmarking engine. Click on it when you’re browsing, and it studies the page and extracts data—for example, if you’re looking at a product page it extracts the price. Click again to save the link as a Card into a Stack

Try it on a video, product, or article

The plugin knows what things are and will extract data from any page.

Try it on a YouTube video. Or try it on a news article. Or try an Amazon product—or any product from any web store. It will pull out the price.

Then, back in Aboard you can automatically use a table view to compare prices and sort products by price from across tons of online stores. Data comes in, gets cleaned up, and becomes actionable.

Pin it, please

Please pin the plugin so it’s always there on any web page. It makes using Aboard much easier.

What about privacy?

For the plugin to work it needs to know which web pages you’re looking at. And sometimes that requires us to talk back to our own servers to do the work and speed things up.

We will always do our best to err on the side of privacy and we do not sell your personal data or information! Check out our simple-to-read privacy statement, and please email with any questions at all.

More really soon now,
The Aboard Team

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