From clutter to clarity.

Aboard helps your team organize data and act on it.

Paul Ford Co-founder
“Stop wasting your precious life cutting and pasting! Try Aboard!”
Paul Ford


You work together.
Your apps don’t.

Aboard solves that. Align the team. Get everyone into the same workspace sharing the same data.


Stop sharing

Spreadsheets are for numbers, not teamwork. Organize your world the way you want. Cards hold data and track progress. Need a new field? No problem.


See the world.

Zoom out to see the whole workspace at once. As work gets done move your cards along.


No more
“just checking in.”

See what’s on your plate or your whole team at once. Shared tasks help keep everyone accountable.

One place to talk—
and get work done.

Aboard unifies chat, docs, and tasks
into one data-powered tool for teamwork.