Bucket List

Hug a Tiger, if You Want To You can use Aboard to make your regular travel plans—but you can also use it to keep track of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. (Tiger hugging not actually recommended.) Move your scattered bucket-list ideas into one centralized tool. Invite your friends to collaborate. Track ideas day-to-day or year-to-year. Use Aboard to […]

Writing Group

For Amateurs and Prose Aboard is a great tool for small groups to work together—and nothing beats a small group when it comes to creative writing. Want to knock out those first drafts together? Enter Aboard. There’s never been an easier, more collaborative place to share prompts and book recommendations, post your prose, ask for […]

Great Artworks

Make Your Own Museum Aboard is a visual tool that organizes everything—including links. If you’re an art buff, save your favorite museum pieces to build your own private collection, or to publish it to the world. Want to collect with a friend? You can do that, too. Of course if you have art of your […]


Undead Never Looked So Good Got a favorite vampire TV show? Then you know what a mess it is out there, with stuff you want to save across a million different platforms. Aboard lets you add everything from articles to fic to fanvids, apply your own tagging structures, and create custom fields to capture the […]

Hobby Collection

Organize Your Passions Whatever you’re into, Aboard makes it easy to save it, organize it, and share it. Just use our bookmark tool to bring pages in from the web. Whether it’s links to supplies, example videos, your own photos and data, or something else, there’s no faster way to share your passions with the […]

Crafting Group

Thread That Needle You don’t just sew. You live embroidery. But you can’t stitch it if you can’t see it. Share patterns, chat with other embroiderers, collect great threads, and keep track of projects large and small. You can also create cards for supplies you want to buy—make a catalogue-quality website of your very own, […]

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