Vendor Management

Who Was That Guy at the Place? Most modern businesses manage tons of relationships, handling everything from office supplies to building the website. We live in an ad-hoc, vendor-driven world. But how do you manage those vendors? Aboard lets you keep lists of vendors with contact info—but you could also create a board per vendor, […]

HR Directory

Tag Your Teams Keep track of everyone in one place. Use tags to track hobbies and skills. Add birthdays via the date field, or create custom fields to capture other elements of your company’s culture. It’s easy to build an employee directory—just enter data or point directly to their LinkedIn pages. It’ll be a great […]


Grow Your Own Dream Team There are tons of huge, complex HR tools out there—and then there’s Aboard. Aboard is just enough data and workflow to track who applied, keep their resumes at hand, and schedule calls and follow-ups. With great support for public-profile tools like LinkedIn, Dribbble, and others, Aboard brings hiring up to […]


Where New Hires Aspire Aboard is great for tracking both internal and external links. Help new employees get situated and up and running. Answer their questions right in the chat. And create an instant, permanent knowledge base for everyone. Works great on mobile, too. (Because not every employee uses desktop computers these days.) Check out […]

Competitive Research

Spy on Your Rivals Aboard is a great tool for keeping track of what your competitors are doing. Add screenshots, note their updates, and comment on what they got right or wrong. When the boss panics about the company next door, you’ll be ready. It’s also easy to keep a chat going—which means that the […]

Project Management

Don’t Trip When You Could Ship Seamlessly organize your projects and stay on top of tasks with a visually intuitive workflow view. Effortlessly manage assignments and deadlines for smooth project execution. Foster collaboration among coworkers with real-time updates and easy task assignment. Aboard ensures smooth communication and a unified approach to project completion. Check out […]

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