There are infinite
ways to use Aboard!

Aboard turns links, data, and ideas into conversation—making your bookmarks and spreadsheets into places where you can collaborate, plan, scheme, and get great things done!

Crafting Group

Share patterns, chat with other crafters, collect great threads, and keep track of projects large and small.

Hobby Collection

Whatever you’re into, Aboard makes it easy to save it, organize it, and share it.


Got a favorite TV show? Collect articles, fic, and fanvids, and apply custom fields to save info across different platforms.

Great Artworks

Save the links to your favorite museum pieces. Build your own, private collection of the most important works for you.

Writing Group

Post your prose, ask for help, share research and links—and boost each other.

Bucket List

Keep track of your dreams—and make them real. Aboard is there for the long haul.

Apartment Hunt

Tame the chaos of moving and make it manageable—whether solo or with roommates.

Book Club

Invite friends, propose books, read ’em, and chat about ’em.

Competitive Research

Keep track of the competition, as if you really had any.

Holiday Party

Save decoration ideas, games, and recipes to plan the bash of the year.

HR Directory

Keep track of everyone in one place. Use tags to track hobbies and skills.


Make those first weeks count.

Project Management

Smart cards and custom controls make easy work of any work.

Recipe Organizer

Keep track of recipes in one place. Invite your zucchini-loving friends.


Focus on the right thing: finding the right people.

Vendor Management

Never lose track of a relationship again. Keep all the partners and vendors in one place.

Weekend Trip

Work together to track hotels, restaurants, great views, and tourist traps to avoid.

TV Watchlist

Save your shows—and share them too.
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