All Aboard!


So you made it into the Beta! (And if you haven’t yet just make sure you signed up—we’re bringing people in as quickly as we can.) So what’s Aboard all about?

First of all, just watch that quick video a few times. It makes things pretty clear. Also, it’s going to be easier to look at a board to understand. Here’s one called “Snacks of the World.” It looks like this:

Aboard is a pretty big platform but it’s also very simple at its core. We can explain it in three slightly nerdy bullet points.

Inside Aboard are Boards

Boards are big and broad online places where people can work together. “Snacks of the World” or “Kitchen Remodel” or “Thanksgiving Menu” or “Ugliest Dogs We Love.”

Inside of Boards are Stacks

Stacks are for holding different kinds of data: Videos, Articles, Products. Or for Snacks of the World: “Japan,” “Lebanon,” and “New York City.”

Inside of Stacks are Cards.

And cards can be anything. You can make your own (with custom data) or add them from the web using the Aboard extension.

That’s enough for now, right? No need to rush it. Go check out some snacks. Make a board. Invite a friend. See how it feels.

More soon!