Spend less.
Ship faster.

Powered by AI, Aboard accelerates software development by cutting the time spent defining, debating, and discussing a project.

In a matter of hours, you have real working code ready to be customized and used by anyone.

Get the software you need and avoid the upfront you don’t.

Reasons to believe

Chop 40% of your timeline with Aboard

Aboard accelerates the entire development process with:

Powerful AI. Turn a problem statement into wireframes into real software. Fast.

An Extensible Platform. Collaborative, lightweight, and ready for your team.

Connect data painlessly. Plug into your legacy data systems without the friction.

Heck yeah.

Aboard was founded by grizzled veterans of the software industry.

Our team has delivered huge solutions to thousands of users (and tens of millions of customers) across Fortune 100 companies and giant NGOs.

A partial list includes: Goldman Sachs, NYC MTA, Audubon Society, Bloomberg, Sagesure, and the Obama Foundation.

So we understand technological and organizational complexity and how to work through it.

Aboard is a product of all that experience.

Aboard knocks out months, phases, and maybe even that superfluous “t” out of your Gantt. We deliver the right solution, faster, for much less money.

Yes! We have a podcast

Join co-founders Rich and Paul each week as they talk about how to be active, engaged, and ethical leaders in the modern tech world.

Aboard. The next big thing for your next big thing.