Data management for normies. Aboard uses AI to simplify your life’s work.

Organize your stuff and discover with AI.

Use your intelligence to organize your own links, notes, and other data—or use AI to go to wonderful new realms. Our browser extension means you’ll always be ready to capture what matters.

A better way of doing data.

Toodles, tabs. So long, spreadsheets. Bye bye, bookmarks. Our boards are visual, searchable, and shareable—and snazzed up by AI recommendations.

Get everybody Aboard.

Boards are great places for work teams, families, and friends to collaborate. Whether it’s hitting those KPIs or crushing a squad goal, we’ve got a workflow that just works.


Just enough to get things done.

Organize your way

Leave your data in one big pile or put it into stacks.

AI helper

Our Board Builder means you’ll never have to stare at a blank board.

Browser clean up

Too many tabs open? Sweep them into a board with a click or two.


Move cards up and down with Kanban view, so everyone knows what’s mission critical.

Table view

Get a quick, high-level view of all your data and sort it into stacks.

Structure your data

Add custom fields—like due dates, names, or addresses—to create a powerful database.

Yes! We have a podcast

Join co-founders Rich and Paul each week as they talk about how to be active, engaged, and ethical leaders in the modern tech world.

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