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There’s a better way

to make software.

At Aboard, we believe software development can be faster, cheaper, and cause less friction within organizations. With AI, we can eliminate large swaths of the traditional process and get great product into the world as quickly as possible.

Our approach is based on years of experience solving big challenges for some of the most important and complex organizations. Our team’s collective experience spans industries, including financial services, IT, healthcare, non-profits, and transportation.

Aboard is the culmination of everything we’ve learned.

Our product is a collaborative, visual tool perfect for managing all kinds of information. It rockets past the old world of data—columns, rows, and tables—into a new world of boards, tags, conversation, and collaboration. It makes spreadsheets easy to import and turn into software. And it’s powered by AI that isn’t meant to throw humans away, but to make software that gets out of humans’ way.

We initially made Aboard for personal use, and thousands have found value in it. Then organizations started using it, too, and now we’re working with some of the world’s best companies to accelerate their software development, using Aboard to manage data and processes.

We’re proud to say we built the tool we always wanted, and that we knew people needed. We hope you’ll give it a try.

Rich Ziade and Paul Ford

About Rich Ziade

A serial software entrepreneur, Rich Ziade has worked with the world’s biggest companies and built and sold many companies of his own, including Readability, Arc90, and with Paul, Postlight.

Number of Kids: Two
Number of Cats: Zero
Main Aboard Use: Project management
Nerd Aboard Use: Researching headphones
Email: rich.ziade@aboard.com

About Paul Ford

One of the world’s leading technology thinkers, Paul Ford has written about the way software works for dozens of publications, including WIRED, Bloomberg Businessweek, and the New York Times.

Number of Kids: Two
Number of Cats: Two
Main Aboard Use: Content management
Nerd Aboard Use: Researching synths
Email: paul.ford@aboard.com