Cards Get Smarter


Hello, friends! Hope everyone is doing well. Trying a newfangled “animated G.I.F.”, let’s see how that goes.

ANYWAY. Cruise director Paul Ford here. Sharing news about a a beta product is hard because we have all these big-ticket features in the works that I desperately want to show you, because they make the product so much better—but we’re also iteratively improving what’s already released, and it’s very usable and good, too. So let’s focus there…

What’s new with Aboard?

  • You can add images and PDFs to cards. Up until now user-created cards were second-class in the product because the “bookmarked” cards had better images and richer data. Now you can just drag an image or PDF onto a card and it will do its best to make a nice, attractive preview. See above!
  • Being invited is easier. You can join boards from inside Aboard—you don’t need to follow the link in the email.

What’s next?

  • Safari browser plugin—just waiting for app store approval. Chrome, Edge, and Arc work today, and now Safari. (Firefox is on the roadmap, it just requires some work.)
  • Lots of user interviews. More for us than you! But we’re learning a lot. Feel free to reply if you want to ask for things and I’ll talk to you or read your email.
  • And more. And a lot of big, interesting weird stuff that I want to tell you about, but I should wait, because it’s software and anything can happen.

Talk soon!