Happy Eid Al Adha + July 4th!

An Eid al Adha board featuring a pop-out card with a recipe video

Aboard is built by a team in the U.S. and a team in Lebanon, and everyone in Lebanon is off today for Eid Al Adha. So we created a board with some broad Eid Al Adha info. Videos! Gifts! Explainers! You’ll learn a lot! The holiday celebrates Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son to God as an act of obedience.

If you’re not a member of an Abrahamic faith, it’s kind of a wild story, but if you are it’s one of the first stories you learn. Religion!

It’s a truly good dress-up holiday, and I live in a partially Muslim neighborhood and it was amazing to wake up to everyone dressed in their absolute best.

So check it out, learn some good Eid Al Adha facts. It’s a big world!

A wild thing with Aboard is that we keep making boards like this for marketing purposes, but then I keep getting drawn in and learning all sorts of things.

For example I asked one of our team members to make a board of ducks so that I could tweet out “Aboard helps you keep your ducks in a row!” but then I reviewed it and ended up learning all about duck farming. In the next newsletter I’ll share that board and offer some good duck farming advice. Personally I do not believe that duck farming is a pleasant life, but people really do love farming ducks.

Special bonus board: July 4th! Including an extremely American collection of patriotic jams.

What’s New With Aboard?

We’re doing a ton of work to take things away and simplify the product. That’s the goal this summer. It’s an impossible newsletter subject!

We had a whole thing going on with custom data types where you could have all this arbitrary complex data and every Board was a sort of Database with Types of Things in Stacks. It was incredibly powerful! We spent a lot of time on it but then we made a huge mistake, we showed it to people. And now we need to simplify it.

I don’t want to be dramatic and write a 65,000-word Medium post. This is how it goes! You overbuild, you show it to people, the void opens up in front of you, and you can either leap into the void or pretend the void doesn’t exist. Then you need to write about the void in the newsletter. That’s where we’re at. Into the void we go. It’s a fortunate position to be in.

Hope you’re well, too. We’ll be back in two weeks. Hope your summer is going great.