Let’s Be Less Confused About AI Together

Image of a cute mechanical robot holding a pair of pliers and a wrench, against a soft yellow background.

Maybe this guy can fix it.

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a good holiday. I’m writing you from a generic non-WeWork coworking space located in a former bank vault in Brooklyn, off Flatbush Ave. We have graduated from a weird apartment to a place with sliding doors and a credit-card powered coffee machine.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is increased brevity, so I’ll keep this one short. Another New Year’s resolution is “keep learning about AI.” AI was the hot topic of 2023. It will be the hot topic of 2024. (Along with a lot of other hot topics, alas.) And underneath Aboard, we’re using more and more AI, and hoping to bring more of that power directly to you. Which sounds market-ey, but it’s true.

So I made a board about AI, focused on companies, platforms, and concepts. It’s open—anyone who wants can join. I’ll use it to track links and as a kind of notebook, and keep going with it over the year.

Image of a 2024 AI Knowledge board

My goal is simply to understand, from a high-level perspective, what the hell is happening with these nerds. Every week someone is like “They just published a new model with seven billion feeblotzes and it passes the parsec-43 test without a grimblehook,” and I feel both ignorant and old, which is the worst combination of all. I’d like to end the year smarter and younger. Let’s see how that goes.

Feel free to comment, add cards, and chat a bit. It can be easy to feel late to the party with subjects like this, but you’re not.

If you’d like to join me in this journey, jump into this open board. Look forward to seeing you!