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As we’ve built Aboard, my co-founder Richard and I have frequently turned to each other and said, “We’re going to need a lot of video.” In 2023 video platforms—YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, possibly even DailyMotion—drive a huge amount of the conversation, education, and awareness about software. So it’s time for us to launch our YouTube channel. Today we are doing exactly that, with a snazzy intro video created for us by Eric Konon (

Fun story: We spent a ton of time looking for video animators and finally found Eric…because he was a power user of Aboard. The answer was inside all along! We think he did great work, and we’re excited to cross the threshold from Company Without a Promo Video to Company With a Promo Video. Let us know what you think.

We’re going to commit to video as our communications platform. We’ll still use plenty of old-fashioned written posts, but we’ll be doing a lot more videos—perhaps not all as nicely animated as this one, but demonstrating what makes Aboard interesting and helpful to you, our friend, the user. It won’t just be tutorials—you will see our faces (more on that soon). As time goes on, you’ll see lots of missteps and awkward moments as we try to be exciting demonstrators of this product we love so much. We promise to share that awkwardness in the newsletter and here on the blog. Enjoy!