the Ground

Aboard uses amazing AI technology to tame the web’s wildest data, clean up your tabs, and help you get things done fast—solo or with others.

Why Do

When You
Can Do This?


Aboard gathers your tabs, data, images, and files into beautiful, collaborative boards that you can share with friends—or with the world. And it’s fast.


A New Way to See the World


Ideas, pictures, PDFs—magically turn them into cards. Cards can be visual—or not—and you can add data to every card, or just stick to links.


Or let us use AI to nab your tabs, and turn them into beautiful smart cards. Aboard knows that books are books, movies are movies, and people are people—and displays cards accordingly.


Install the browser extension and change your browsing life forever. With a click any link becomes a card. Add descriptions as you save them, or sort it all out later.

Privacy First

Aboard is private and your data is yours. You can share cards and boards—even publish to the world—but it’s totally on your terms and your schedule.

Share (or don’t)

When you want to share data, it’s easy—just invite people via their emails and they can join you in your card-making, stack-sorting journey. Or publish to the world—and share your boards with everyone.

Keep it. Together.