Aboard Works the Way the Web Was Meant to Work


Links, Ideas, Data, and Files All in One Place


Organizing that Feels Organic


Keep all your eggs
in one basket


Share it with
anyone (or don’t)


A new way to see the world (and the web)

Ideas, pictures, PDFs- magically turn them into cards that you can move, sort, change- and discuss with friends.

Or let us use Al to knab your tabs- and turn them into beautiful smart cards that will make you forget “bookmarks” forever.

Install the browser extension and any link can be turned into a card with a click. There’s never been an easier way to sweep up all your tabs.

Aboard looks beautiful, but it’s also an industrial-strength database underneath. Add custom data fields (due date, names, addresses) to make a powerful database.

Shopping lists, syllabuses, real estate, favorite TV shows—Aboard captures the stuff you care about and gives you the power to manage, update, and share everything.


The right way
to organize: Yours

Cards get organized lots of ways. You can just leave your links in one big pile—or put them into stacks for safekeeping.

When you want to add some context, we’ve made it ridiculously easy to tag every card with as many tags as you want. Quickly facet and explore your own data—in seconds.

Get the context you need—zoom out to see hundreds of cards at once, or zoom in to see a single card.

You have priorities. So do we. You can rotate everything 90 degrees to Kanban view. Now you can prioritize just by moving cards up and down, or move between stacks. Instant bug tracker!

When you want to go old-school, there’s nothing like a trusty table. Quickly see all your data, sort it—even sort it into stacks, right from the table.

And of course it’s easy to filter cards to find exactly the one you need. Just start typing—no more needles in haystacks.


Build better teams.
Meet bigger goals.

Invite your friends and coworkers to your board via email. Now you have an instant shared space that brings together the best of chat and data.

Everyone can comment on cards, move cards, and work together. Aboard is designed from the ground up for small groups that want to make a difference.

Everyone can gather links and data and add them to one place. Comment on cards, add notes, add tags, and make new stacks. It’s so fast and fluid you forget it’s software.

Aboard is private by default. But in one click you can share your board with the world. Chat stays private. The best of both worlds!

Download Aboard