Ways of Seeing

Photograph of colorful but messy post-its on a wall

Aboard loves data. We figure if we give people ways to manage data that feel easy and obvious, they’ll like Aboard. To that end, there are a lot of ways to visualize data in Aboard: Stacks, Tags, All Cards, Zoom levels, By Stack, Kanban, and List View. Lots of people have asked for Kanban view (Kanban is vertical—makes it easy to project management)—and we recently made some changes to make it more obvious how it works. Kanban doesn’t just make things vertical—it also lets you prioritize cards, which means Aboard can be used for things like bug tracking or project management. (We use Aboard to manage Aboard.) Check out the video and tell us what you think!

We’re starting to fill in most of the big common ways of seeing data. The big missing method? Tables—good old spreadsheet-style editing. We want that. You want that. Sure, it would be better if tables worked today, but imagine the dopamine hit when you open app.aboard.com and tables just work. It’s good to wait for wonderful things. What’s sweeter than anticipation? And once we have tables, we’ll have plenty of other good stuff too.

(P.S. “Ways of Seeing” is a very 1970s but also very special documentary and book by John Berger that taught me to look at art in all kinds of new ways.)