Fields of Dreams

Photograph of seven stacks of colorful blocks of varying heights

Stacked blocks are really just upside down cards in a kanban view.

Last week we announced CSV export, and this week the thrill ride does not end—we’ve got not one, but four improved and/or brand new field types that give your cards ridiculous levels of pure raw card power. We’re making steady progress building out a very rich set of data types that anyone can use—adding fields that help groups coordinate, and that help people manage all of the digital mess (like PDF files, or screenshots) that accrue around modern work.

(As a reminder—if you want to add fields to your cards, just go to “Settings.“)

And now…the fields!

Dropdown. Have you ever wanted options, but not too many? Let me introduce you to Dropdown—just add your choices and you’re golden.

Screenshot of a drop-down with "Development zone" selected

User. Need to hold someone accountable, praise them, or credit them? Try User—everyone invited to a board is right there.

Screenshot of a dropdown with Adam Pash selected as site manager

Images. Want to add not just one but several images to a card? Check out Images—now all you have to do is drag images into the field and you’ll have thumbnails ready to go.

Files. Images too specifically visual? We have it covered. Take a look at Files. Because what’s better than one PDF? Lots of PDFs associated with cards is what.

Here’s a card with everything turned on: Multiple images and files per card, users selected and assigned, and options chosen.

Screenshot of a card for the Old Mill Warehouse

Getting data into Aboard is getting easier—and we should know, because the team uses it to manage our own work, too.

Do you want to see a specific field of functionality? Let us know.