Take Your Data Anywhere

Photograph of a blue and red bird perched on the outside of its cage.

Your data is out of its cage! But we hope you’ll hang out anyway.

One of Aboard’s most-requested features is data export. Chatting with folks about this request, it often seems to be less about wanting to leave today and more about knowing you could get your stuff out of Aboard if you needed to. Everyone has been burned by products that lock you in and try to keep you from leaving; some people said they wouldn’t even try Aboard unless they could get their data out easily.

And to those people we say: “Thanks for your patience.” A good export function has always been a goal, and now it’s here. You can export data in CSV (comma-separated values) that will open in every spreadsheet, and zillions of other tools as well. You can export all day long. 

It’s…very easy. You just go to settings, click “Export Board,” and download the file. Here it is in animated GIF form:

Animated gif of exporting a CSV from an AI Research board
Simple, right?

Give it a try. If it works differently than you expected, just tell us—we’re all on a learning journey together.

P.S. There are some other new features to announce—open up Aboard and see if you can spot them—but let’s stretch this out, it’s almost summer!